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    Employee surprise and delight gifts to show your appreciation, boost morale and reward your team.
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    Cocktail Connoisseur
  • The Negroni Effect
    The Negroni Effect
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    Wine O'Clock
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    Shaken Not Stirred
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    Coffee Addict
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    Let's Mull It Over
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    Shake It Up, Big Time
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    Coffee Lover
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    Chilli hamper with hot sauce, spice and harissa paste
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    Thank Brew For Being You
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    The Wild Traveller
  • Get Barreled
    Get Barreled
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Show your recognition by sending a delicious surprise and delight gift to employees, clients and business pals to show they're in the forefront of your mind. That way, you'll be in the forefront of theirs.

When done well, employee surprise and delight gifts are the best way to truly show you appreciation and recognition to your hardworking team. People are at the heart of our businesses and therefore we believe they should be celebrated at every possible occasion. You want your business associates to go the extra mile for you, so why don’t you go the extra mile for them? With our unique, delicious and small-batch surprise and delight gifts, you can impact your employees in the best way possible, whilst engaging, motivated and ultimately retaining them. 

It’s no secret that food is the way to (most) people’s hearts. Show gratitude to your team members by gifting them only the best small-batch produce handcrafted with love right here in Australia, and support local producers who pour love, sweat and tears into each jar, packet and bottle. Whether it’s because they’ve worked hard on a project, it’s their work anniversary, they’ve completed their first week, a promotion or it’s simply to ‘surprise and delight’ them, a sustainable and delicious surprise and delight hamper filled with delicious food is always a great option. And in giving your employees something they love, their morale and work ethic is bound to surge. It’s a win win for both your team and your business. 

So what makes the best employee surprise and delight gift?

What is the surprise? What is the delight? Receiving a gift unannounced always makes the best surprise. And a personalised gift makes it a delight! A research study previously found that 45% of its respondents said they believe gifts reflect their value at a company. Which is where Pretty Green steps in with the perfect personalised surprise and delight gift. And trust us, receiving one of our boxes is a million times better than a gift card they’ve probably received countless times before. 

When choosing a gift to surprise and delight, ensure you make it personal! Is it for an employee who loves to bake and is constantly testing out new recipes on the team? Our baking gift hampers are the perfect choice. Is it for an employee who raves about doing yoga and eating great vegan food in their spare time? We have a whole range of vegan, self care and yogi gifts. Take delight to the next level by getting them something related to their favourite hobby or their favourite foods. 

Using our customisable gift builder, you can pick each product that goes into your employee surprise and delight gift, as well as include a note which we’ll handwrite on a free gift card. From delicious organic teas to small-batch fermented hot sauce and even classy cocktail kits, you’ll get the chance to make your hamper utterly unique. The ability to personalise your gift hamper brings a thoughtful, elevated meaning to ‘surprise and delight’ which your employees will love. Not to mention the fact that your whole Pretty Green gift is sustainable, small-batch and filled with produce they can’t get anywhere else. Their gift is one of a kind - just like them!